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The Cheapskate's
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Coupon Organizers


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CA$H IN Free Software
"CA$H IN helps you organize your coupons so you can start redeeming them instead of just collecting them. We don't distribute coupons - there are lots of places to get them - our job is to help you manage the ones you've already clipped, so you can save on the products you want, when you want. Whether you now save a little or save a lot, we bet you'll save more with CA$H IN. And, maybe best of all, couponing will be a lot more fun!"
Coup-O-Dex® Rotary Coupon File™
As Seen On TV! Gazillions have sold on QVC and by word of mouth. Hate to fuss with coupons, but love the savings? The Coup-O-Dex® rotary coupon file™ is the "Now, Why didn't I think of that?" answer to your prayers! Having more than 20 patented features, the Coup-O-Dex® rotary coupon file™ saves a ton of time! With other organizers, you handle every coupon on every supermarket trip. With Coup-O-Dex®, the second time you touch a coupon, it turns to money!