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The Cheapskate's
Money Saving Guide:
Quick Coupon Trade


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Email me your name and address to be listed on this quick trade page! By placing your name on here, you can receive 25-50 coupon potlucks from anyone who wished to send them to you! You also agree to return the same amount.

If you wish to send anyone on this list a 25-50 coupon potluck, just send you coupons and a SASE to them. By placing their name on here, they have agreed to return the trade.

If you are interested in putting your name on here, just email me and I'll get you listed ASAP!!

Gwyn Eastburn
32 Mill Road
Wilmington, DE 19804
Tammy Pongratz
323 Broadsword Ct.
Nekoosa WI 54457