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The Cheapskate's
Money Saving Guide
Updated Sunday, November 21, 1999

Welcome to the Cheapskate's Money Saving Guide! The purpose of this site is to share tips, tricks, coupons, and information to help you save money! I'm just getting started, but I hope to soon have tons of pages chock full of information for you! This site will be updated frequently, so check back often!
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Cheapskates Unite!
Do you love saving money? Exchanging coupons and forms? Want to learn how to make that dollar stretch? Then this list is for you! Join and exchange coupons, forms, and money saving ideas with others. Let's help each other out!
A listing of coupons that can be sent away for on the internet.
Coupon Organizers
Here are some great organizers and computer programs for organizing coupons.
Coupon Exchange Board
Find others with the passion of couponing to exchange with!
Links to coupon, coupon exchange, and savings sites.
Online Coupons
Coupons, savings, and specials from online stores.
Money Saving Tips Board
Share your tips and tricks for saving money with others.
Quick Trade
List your name on this page and get sent 25-50 coupon potlucks! Also, send the people on here potlucks and a SASE. By listing here, they promise to send back!
Rewards Programs
Earn money, points, gift certificates, and more!
Here is a listing of free samples you can send away for!
Sweepstakes, Contests, and Games
Try to win money or prizes, or just have fun playing a game!
Email Me
Have any great tips you would like to include on this site? Know of a great link? Would you like to write an article to be featured? Email Me and let me know!

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